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The Six Types of Locksmith Services Many people are under the impression that locksmithing involves merely making and repairing locks or keys. This impression may have been brought about by the fact that becoming a locksmith does not require formal education. As modern day’s technological advancements changed the nature and types of locks, locksmiths now have a wider scope of duties. Here is a quick guide about some of typical services provided by locksmiths. Residential Locksmith
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The kind of locksmith that most people are familiar with or have encountered at least once in their life is the residential locksmith. Typically, residential locksmiths have to deal homeowners when they forget, lose, or misplace the keys to their homes. The residential locksmith’s services are usually engaged by clients who live in condominiums, private homes, and apartment complexes. They are usually asked to replace the main door’s locking mechanism and create a new set of keys for it. They can also give their clients recommendations or ideas on which home security system would be appropriate for their house.
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Commercial Locksmith The commercial locksmith’s usual clients are businesses, offices, and educational institutions. He provides security for the building and its surrounding premises by installing measures and mechanisms such as personalized personnel access. One example would be the installation of a unique lock coded system found in many large buildings today. Institutional Locksmith The institutional locksmith’s duties are very similar to the commercial locksmith, with one major difference. Commercial locksmiths often do freelance work and are paid based on a contractual or hourly rate. Institutional locksmiths, on the other hand, become part of the company’s payroll. He will also be assigned tasks as the company’s employee and it may or may not be related to locksmithing. Forensic Locksmith Performing forensic services has to be the most challenging aspect of locksmithing. Forensic locksmiths typically participate in criminal investigations. They use tools which determine how a security system was compromised. Their specialized skill set make them a valuable resource for the authorities. Their skills and expertise help law enforcement official solve and prevent future crimes. Auto Services The auto or car locksmiths save the day for people who have been locked out of their cars. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable in working with all types of vehicle locks and keys. Emergency Functions Emergency locksmiths are typically on call 24/7 and they usually have to deal with emergency situations, such as when an intruder has compromised a house’s security system. Because their services are called upon by homeowners who were victimized by thieves or burglars and who need replacement locks immediately, emergency locksmiths are also called mobile locksmiths.

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Know The Different Types Of Locksmith Services Locksmiths aren’t just restricted to duplicating keys or picking locks because today, these professionals are also offering wide range of services. These said services aren’t varied through specific use but, its application goes across various industries. Whether it is for car protection, home protection to industrial security, rest assure that there is a corresponding locksmith service for everyone. In the next paragraphs, I have enumerated the common types of locksmith services that are offered these days. Number 1. Domestic security – residential works are a few of the typical services offered by professional locksmiths. And because majority of their clients are homeowners, improving domestic security is just one of the main thrusts of these service providers.
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In this type of locksmith service, the main objective is to keep a property safe from intruders by way of installing effective locks on doors, gates and even on windows strategically. In fact, locksmiths can install whole locking system in the property. Oftentimes, this includes special lock installation on garages as well as other home additions.
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Number 2. Commercial services – and like what mentioned earlier, these locksmiths are involved in bigger and major projects that concern the security of the building. From shops, schools, offices and even big corporations, there are many locksmiths that offer installation of security systems. In essence, these comprehensive commercial locksmith services are working virtually for any institution, property or building regardless of the coverage and size. Locksmiths normally provide complicated security systems, which involve security cameras and other advanced tools for these commercial services. The system for the commercial properties can be modified to be able to establish different levels of clearance among the members of the company or institution. For this, common security features consist of a fingerprint based locks. Number 3. Car protection – locksmiths who concentrate on cars are the rarest kind although, they have a special edge. The main reason behind this is that automobile locksmiths are a lot more challenging due to the reason that different car models and brands use its own lock mechanism to which the locksmith has to learn. Number 4. Emergency services – in times when you need a locksmith the most, then you are offered with the option to call for an emergency locksmith company. These days, troubled individuals can now seek the help of an expert during these dire situations as many service providers have allowed call-in requests for locksmith service. With this being said, when people has unfortunately lock themselves out of their house or car or has lost their keys, a locksmith is just a phone call away to rescue them.

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